The conference ENERGOFUTURA 2011 was organised in Bratislava (Hotel GATE ONE) in 9-11 November 2011. BIOMASA, Association of Legal Entities from Kysucky Lieskovec was co-organiser in framework of information and dissemination activities of recently implemented project CHEFUB – „Creative high efficient and effective use of biomass“, supported by the programme LIFE+ with financial contribution of the European union and Ministry of environment of Slovak republic. There met the most important representatives of the Slovak companies, but also representatives of foreign companies undertaking on the energy market, delegates of European institutions, National Council of the Slovak Republic, and academia.


The conference consisted of several thematic blocks:

1. Panel discussion „Biomass and waste as a new sources of energy“

Ladislav Zidek, General Director of BIOMASA, Association of legal entities: “Biomass does not increase energy prices”.

2. Photovoltaics – Our solar future

Photovoltaics innovations in Slovak republic

Peter Marcan, Energy Security Institute: The future of photovoltaics in Slovakia”

3. Energy legislation and regulation

4. Steam-gas cycles and Cogeneration Units

Stanislav Janis, Head of Committee on Economy, Construction and Transport of National Council of Slovak republic: „Rather bio-methane than natural gas”

5. Energy efficiency and savings


BIOMASA, Association of legal entities was presented in conference ENERGOFUTURA 2011 by own exhibition stand. Moreover, representative of BIOMASA association moderated panel discussion focused on use and potential of biomass. In panel discussion was solved several key topics:

The effect of intensive biomass use to the energy security of Slovakia and the Europe union.

Social economic benefits of biomass use – the effect of biomass use to economy and employment in regional and state level

strategy of higher biomass use like one of the key element of the Europe 2020 objectives

barrier to intensive use of biomass

the effect of biomass use to final energy prices

biomass potential in the conditions of Slovak republic

Guests in the studio TA3 - L. Zidek a M. Hudec about conference ENERGOFUTURA 2011