Annual Conference 2010

BIOMASA Association organized on 14 - 15 October 2010 in the village Hrustin the annual conference "Energy recovery of sawdust for efficient fuels and their use", which took place in the framework of promotional activities of the project CHEFUB - Creative highly effective and efficient use of biomass.

The conference was thematically focused on the processing of raw material (sawdust, wood chips) to produce wood pellets and efficient heating with wood pellets. The conference was designed for mayors of municipalities in Trencin and Zilina, wood processors, as well as people interested in heating with renewable types of fuels - wood pellets.

The two-day annual conference provided to the participants the complete information and practical demonstrations of automatic heating with wood pellets. Since the implementation of project activities of mentioned project, organizers focused the conference on small as well as larger projects of heating with wood pellets, including solutions for homes and public buildings. The conference thus offered information on the possible reconstruction of the old boiler-room and change of fuel basis for the bodies of public administration as well as ordinary citizens.

On the first day of the conference the participants took a tour of demonstration equipment for heating with wood pellets - the boiler room in the elementary school "Zamost" in Hrustin, where it was practically shown how such heating works and answered all the questions by expert from practice.

Second day of the conference took place in the hall of the cultural house in the village Hrustin and consisted of presentations of experts in the financing of technological equipment, production and development of use of wood pellets, the instalment of the technological part of the biomass boiler, as well as efficient heating with wood pellets. During the break, it was possible to take a tour of the presentation vehicle in which participants saw a functioned fireplace burning the wood pellets.

Number of participants at the conference pointed to the fact that there are interested people in Slovakia in the automatic and efficient heating with renewable source of heat - wood pellets. Potential customers welcame automatic control of boiler-room, simple fuel supply system (filling storage area through the inflation of pellets directly from the tank) and reducetion of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
Photogallery - Tour of wood pellet boiler-room in Elementary School "Zamost" in Hrustin

Photogallery - Conference in Cultural House in Hrustin