Main Implemented project - description

Implementation of large investment project Integrated Logistic for Use of Biomass Energy in Slovakia - Reducing Greenhouse gas Emission through the Use of Biomass Energy in Northwest Slovakia was the main activity of association BIOMASA.

The project connected:
• Reconstruction of old fossil fuels boiler rooms, in school and other public buildings, to moder pellet ones and their operation,
• Realisation of basic energy measures,
• Production of wood pellets as fuel for reconstructed boiler rooms,
• Activities for reducing institutional, financial and informational/awareness barriers
It presents complex solution for the implementation of biomass heating and establishment of the market with biomass, especially wood pellets in Slovakia.

Unthinkable part of project activities was increasing of informedness and awareness of inhabitants, representatives from self government and state institutions in other regions of Slovakia about biomass processing for high-quality fuel and about its utilization in energetic.

Location of project:
Project was located mainly in region Zilina and Trencin, as well as in the region Kosice and Banska Bystrica.
Slovakia is rich in wood material, wood waste and the chosen localities are result of long-term analyses.

Following partners participate in project besides association BIOMASA:
• Ballast-ECI from Denmark,
• Regional Development Agency in Zilina
• Ministry of environment in Slovak Republic.

Milestones of the project implementation

Project idea, establishment of BIOMASA Association
2000 Reconstruction of 2 pilot boiler rooms
2000 – 2002 Project preparation, preparation works, feasibility analyses and searching for financial resources, information and promotion activities.
2003 Finalizing the project financial sources, start of project investment phase Ceremonial deposition of pellet production foundation stone
Reconstruction of the first and biggest boiler room in Lubochna
2004 Reconstruction of 9 boiler rooms, operation of 12 pellet boiler rooms
Start of pellet production (first 1 000 tons of pellets)
Reconstruction of 19 boilers in public buildings and 12 pilot small ones in private houses and their operation
Pellet production, start of sales of pellets on the home market and also their export
2006 Installation of the last boiler room in school
The first heating season with operation of all reconstructed 44 boiler rooms
Evaluation and final reporting
2003 – 2006 Biomass promotion activities and dissemination of results MÍĽNIKY V REALIZÁCII PROJEKTU