Aims and scope of the project

The aim of the project
To contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Slovakia by utilization of biomass - specially wood pellets for heating.

Partial goals:

  • To create a sustainable market for biomass energy for heat generation in Northwest Slovakia through construction of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) for wood pellet production from the wood waste residues and creation and management of innovative integrated logistics system of wood waste (sawdust) collection, transport and distribution of wood pellets to boiler-rooms, providing for sufficient number of end users
  • Reconstruction of boiler rooms in the schools and public buildings and replacing of the existing coal/coke boilers by the pellet ones, in order to provide economically viable and environmentally friendly source of heat.
  • To contribute to the improvement of the environment in the region
  • To increase public awareness and interest for establishing biomass heating in Slovakia through using local wood waste residuals.

Project's main activities

1. Construction of the Central Processing Unit - CPU for wood pellet production

2. Reconstruction of 44 boiler rooms and replacement OF coal/coke boiler rooms by the pellet-firing ones – installation of the first pellet combustion systems in municipal buildings

3. Operation of the CPU:

  • Collection and transport of wood waste
  • Processing of sawdust to the form of pellets
  • Packing, storage and pellet selling
  • Distribution of pellets by own tank truck
  • Central co-operation, direction, monitoring and service for boiler-rooms


4. Operation of boiler rooms at the members of BIOMASA

  • heat production and its sale to the end users (members of BIOMASA or other consumers)
  • control and monitoring system of boiler rooms
  • boiler rooms service

Expected results

  • Reduction of CO2, SO2, NOx, CO emissions and particulates
  • Modernization of old heating systems
  • Energy efficiency improvement
  • Decreased operating costs for heating
  • Increase in re-utilization of local wood waste
  • Strengthening of local economies and the economy of the Slovak Republic
  • Creation of new job opportunities
  • Creation of competition on the market with fuels for heating
  • Decrease in Slovak dependence on fuel import
  • Increase in general awareness concerning the use of alternative energy source