Project financing

lifeEuropean Community - LIFE III Programme

Launched in 1992, LIFE (The Financial Instrument for the Environment) is one of the spearheads of Community environment policy. In the framework of sustainable development, LIFE should contribute to the implementation, development and enhancement of the Community environmental policy and legislation as well as the integration of the environment into other EU policies. LIFE should also lead new solutions facing EU environmental problems being explored.

LIFE aims at co-financing actions both in nature conservation (LIFE-Nature) and in other fields of the environment (LIFE-Environment) as well as specific environmental actions outside the EU (LIFE Third Countries).
LIFE - Environment
The specific objective of LIFE - Environment is to contribute to the development of innovative techniques and methods by co financing demonstration projects. The dissemination of results is essential for ensuring that innovative technologies and procedures for protecting the environment are widely applied.
LIFE-Environment does not finance research or investment in existing technologies or infrastructure. The purpose of the programme is to bridge the gap between research and development results and their large-scale application. To this end, demonstration projects based on the results of projects which have been supported under past or ongoing technological research and development programmes are encouraged.

More information about the program LIFE you can find here.


undpUnited Nations Development Programme - UNDP: Global Environment Facility (GEF)

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) was established as a joint international effort to help solve global environmental problems. The GEF Trust Fund was established by a World Bank resolution as a joint programme between the UNDP, UNEP and the World Bank .
The GEF provides new and additional grant and concessional funding to meet the incremental costs of measures to achieve global environmental benefits in four focal areas, namely:

  • the protection of biological diversity;
  • the reduction of greenhouse gases;
  • the protection of international waters;
  • The prevention and reduction of releases of persistent organic pollutants (POPs);
  • The reduction of land degradation, primarily desertification and deforestation; and,
  • the protection of the ozone layer.

There is also regional center in Bratislava. For more general information on the GEF's procedures, project formats, and eligibility requirements of projects, go to or


mzpMinistry of Environment of SR

Ministry of Environment of SR supported project through the Section for realization of environmental programs – SREP. For more information go to:



kreditAustrian Environmental Fund

Environmental fund Programme of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management has subsidized projects in focal areas such as air protection and green house gases reduction, with influence on Austria. Funding is realized through Kommunalkredit Public Consulting , following their contract.
For more information go to: ,


prima_banka230-86 Prima banka Slovensko, a.s.

Prima banka, Inc. Financially supported the project within the scope of environmental project's funding. For more information go to:

The financial amount needed for project implementation resulted from feasibility analyses:


Amount - Millions SKK

Global Environmental fund (UNDP-GEF) - grant


European Community - Program LIFE III - grant


Ministry of Environment of SR - subsidy


Kommunalkredit Public Consulting - grant


Prima banka Slovensko a. s.- loan


Members of BIOMASA – own sources