Project results

Paper about project results published in EU - LIFE and Energy (p.12).

1. Project created the real market with wood pellets in Slovakia, promoted biomass and considerably contributed to development of biomass heating in Slovakia.

2. Built CPU for wood pellet production - 2004


3. Pellets production in 2006 reached 10 000 tons, plan for 20076 is 12 000 tons - the final capacity. Pellets are supplied to boiler rooms reconstructed within the project, to the Slovak market and for export (mainly to Italy). The main priority of BIOMASA Association is to develop the Slovak pellet market and to increase yearly the sales of pellets in Slovakia (except consumption in own boiler rooms).



Through the project, local biomass sources were re-utilized directly in the region - 18 000 tons of sawdust from the local wood processing industries were re-utilized in 2006; it will increase in the future to 23 thousands tons of sawdust


4. The project replaced more then 29 MW of coal and coke boilers by installation of 13 MW of modern biomass boilers capacity. The reconstructed boiler rooms were the pilot ones in public buildings in Slovakia.


5. 44 modern pellet automatic boilers (from 7 kW to 2,5 MW) replaced in total 100 obsolete inefficient boilers in 54 old coal/coke boiler rooms. In many buildings energy efficiency measures, modernization and regulations of heating systems were realized, new heating operational regulations were introduced and many beneficiaries noticed better heating quality in buildings (very welcomed especially in schools and kindergartens). It also decreased heating costs of many end users.


 Fig. Example of boiler rooms before and after reconstruction


 6. Annual reduction of CO2 by replacing of fuel source, realization of energy efficiency measures and sales of pellets reaches 20 thousands tons.

7. The project has created 33 jobs
and it considerably contributes to the regional development.

8. Project strengthtened the local economics
as it has created a lot of contracts with local companies (raw material, construction, technology, services), new biomass fuels producers as well as new pellets consumers.

9. The project was awarded by:
National Energy Globe Award 2006
- European award for local climate protection activities Climate Star 2004 and
- International Environmental Price ÖGUT in 2001.

As great success can be consider, that so wide scale of mayors and directors of various organizations are able to cooperate in order to achieve common result.


  • Deposition of CPU foundation stone - 10 October 2003

Položenie základného kameňa Položenie základného kameňa

  • Ceremonial opening of CPU in Kysucký Lieskovec – September 17th 2004

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