POVYBIOM – Support of biomass utilization in border regions of Slovak and Czech republic


Program: INTERREG III A SR – CR 2004 – 2006
Duration: March 2006 – February 2007


Project is aimed mainly at utilization of small biomass systems in local conditions. Following experiences of project partners from realised investment and non-investment projects based on utilization of renewable energy sources, the project is aimed at information dissemination about energy utilization of biomass and it creates cross-border forum for spread of practical experiences from planning, installation and operation new heating systems for biomass.
The main project objective is cooperation between organisations of Slovak - Czech border region in support for utilization of biomass like a renewable enregy source, which has a positive impact on socio – economic development of region and brings environmental profits.

Description of project activities:
Presentation of Slovak experiences in Czech and counter in seminars connected with small exhibitions, which will introduce possibilities and practical ways of biomass utilization and establishment of biomass energy systems.
Excursions to organizations utilizing or processing wood biomass.
Realisation of informative days on the behalf of increasing target groups awareness through the meetings with specialists.
Preparation and printing of information material, as practical guide for persons interested in biomass utilization.

BIOMASA is leader in the Slovak side. Partner in Czech side is Regional Energy Center, Valasske Meziricí.

Project Budget

Total Budget 567 800 Sk
Grant: 539 410 Sk