REGBIE+ „Regional Initiatives Increasing the Market for Biomass Heating in Europe“


Program: Intelligent Energy for Europe
Duration: January 2007 – June 2009
Co-ordinator: target, GmbH, Germany
Project team: project consortium consisting of 14 project partners from 12 EU countries


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Short description and the aims of project:

The main renewable energy source used for heating in the EU is biomass in its various forms. The proposed project REGBIE+ will:

  • Support the targets of the EU Biomass Action Plan
  • Remove technical and non-technical market barriers
  • Stimulate regional market development
  • Raise attention and build proper tools for an effective diffusion of the knowledge on biomass heating
  • Give the possibility to replicate the positive acquired experiences
  • Contribute to a quick and strong growth of the European biomass heating market

REGBIE+ strengthens the regional level and clearly focuses the uptake of biomass heating technologies on:

  • small scaled heating plants fired by pellets
  • heating plants from 150kW up fired by wood-chips, sawing by-products
  • biomass-based CHP

Related to the technology approach and the WP’s the activities are addressed: policy, investors and key market actors on the regional level; installing business and fuel suppliers; general public, private households, schools.

Description of project activities:

  • Research of success factors on regional biomass implementation projects
  • Compilation of successful financing schemes of biomass project development
  • Development of Regional action plans for the use of biomass heating
  • Implementation of a European school competition and award
  • Implementation of a European Pellet Day 2007 and 2008
  • Quality and security of supply – market guide
  • Compilation of a European campaign material pool
  • Implementation of trainings for installers; biomass producers, wholesalers and distributors
  • Initial consultation packages towards potential investors
  • Implementation of a project website
  • Dissemination of European biomass success stories
  • Organisation of one European REGBIE+ conference
  • Promotion of REGBIE+ at major European events

Project Budget:

Total Budget: 1 212 992 EUR
Budget for BIOMASA 68 000 EUR
Grant: 32 640 EUR