Strategy for the Use of Biomass in Slovak – Polish Border region (PHARE CBC SR – PL)

Program: PHARE CBC SK/PL 2000
Duration: December 2002 – October 2003
Leader: BIOMASA Association
Polish partner: Town Jordanow in the cooperation with Krakow Institute for Renewable Energy KISE


Project objectives:

Project was aimed to increasing of cooperation between organisations in Slovak – Polish border region by the setting-out of renewable energy sources utilization idea, especially wooden biomass.
The main goal of project was to increase utilization of wooden biomass as a local energy source in the region, what helps to its steady sustainable development. The goal of the project was also coordination of wooden biomass utilization in both of border sides, cross conection of municipalities, non-governmental organizations and research institutions dealing with biomass use for heating purposes.

Project results:

  • Definition and working-out of common strategy of wooden biomass utilization in region „Strategy for the Use of Biomass in Slovak – Polish Border region“.
  • Increasing the awareness of responsible persons from state institutions, regional and local selfgovernments, as a general public about strategy for use of biomass in the present region.
  • Exchange the experiences and information about activities, that are aimed on biomass use in the Slovak and Polish side of border in the region.