Centre for the research of biomass potential

Program: The Norwegian Financial Mechanism and state budget of the Slovak Republic

Leader: National agriculture and food centre


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SPU AJ Slovak university of agriculture in Nitra

Norwegian University of Life Sciences at Ås and NIBIO, Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research

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Antec biogas Antec Biogas AS

Involvement: Submitters projects under green industry innovation

Budget: 2,5 mil €

Realization: 03.08.2015 - 30.04.2016

The project was developed to increase the Slovakia-Norway cooperation of biomass research. Scope of the project consists of the installation of two laboratories in Slovakia and the transfer of two biogas reactors developed in Norway to Slovakia. The project includes studies of Slovak experts in Norway and vice versa, mentoring and advising Norwegian project partners too.

Laboratory for solid biomass fuel have to be able to determine the physical, mechanical and chemical criteria for solid biomass fuels in agriculture. This laboratory has been operated Agricultural Testing and Research Institute (Agricultural Technical and Testing Institute -Atti) over the past 20 years and currently does not correspond with the latest needs and requirements of the state policy in the field of biomass research. It is necessary to equip the existing laboratory with modern facilities for strengthening and improving operation Atti, and creating outstanding research centers of biomass. This will enable the development of new methods and studies, high efficiency jobs in agricultural biomass used for energy purposes, which will introduce new technology based on research results.

Biogas laboratory must be similar to those installed in the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU). There is an absence of such laboratory in Slovakia, although biogas research facility is in operation at the premises of one of the project partners and the Slovak Agricultural University. In order to provide comprehensive research potential of biomass, Atti and the Slovak University of Agriculture will continue to work closely. It is expected that the results of research conducted by Atti biomass will be further tested in a biogas research facilities. It is also expected that biogas research plant at the Slovak University of Agriculture will be complemented by research facilities to ensure seamless sharing of knowledge and information between stakeholders.