Film and Fairy Tale

One of the planned activities of the project SMAPUDE_LIFE Strategic manage and planning for the use of domestic energy was the production of a film. Project team prepared twoo films for adults and also for children.

BIOMASA prepared the movie "Between Heaven and Earth" which was focused on explaining the use of waste biomass, its possibilities for processing wood pellets and the full comfort and convenience by heating with wood pellets. The film was broadcasted on national television.

The second movie, which was porduced during the project was a fairy tale for the the youngiest age category. This idea was at the beginning of the project, and the main figure is a butterfly, which is endangered animal species. Apollo Butterfly by simple story explained children the state of environment and learns them, how they have to behave to the nature.

The story of Apollo Butterfly contributes to the dissemination of awareness of climate change and in this way educates even the smallest children. You can see the story here (1st part, 2nd part, 3rd part).