Finishing the project

The project Strategic manage and planning use of domestic energy was finished on 31.8.2017. This way, we want to thank to all the partners and cooperating organizations, who have joined the implementation of the project. The project was focused on the realization of a number of events and activities to raise the awareness of the general public in Slovakia about the use of renewable energy sources. Thanks to all the partners who contributed to the project implementation, all the planned results were achieved in the project.

BIOMASA since its inception has been engaged in the promotion of renewable energy sources as a domestic local resource for the production of energy and heat. The activities focus on different target groups, and a number of educational activities are also implemented for schools. All events are held in an interesting, untraditional way to attract as many people as possible to the environment.

In this project focused on the information campaign, we have been trying to get into the insterested people right to where the environmental problems arise, that is to say in nature.

During the implementation of the project, we were forced to make several minor changes to the plan and rented the land of devastated land in a total area of 25 hectares for horses that are part of a special horsepower presentation vehicle. The vehicle is equipped with solar technology and directly demonstrates the use of solar energy for the production of hot water and energy.

The environment has proved to be a good place for the realization of information education events, which many participants of the realized activities appreciated. Practical demonstrations and direct engagement in the project's activities resulted in the following activities being achieved:

  • Organization of 18 expert events for representatives of forest associations and landowners, the private sector and representatives of municipalities with nearly 600 participants
  • 20 seminars and workshops in the nature for the general public with the participation almost 1400 people interested in the environment and renewable energy sources
  • Presentation of the project results through almost 30 reports and 9 discussion sessions in regional and national media
  • Production of Animated Fairy Tale of climate change not only for the children but also for adults - Apollo Butterfly
  • Production of the film "Between Heaven and Earth", which presents BIOMASA activities and project outputs
  • Publication of 29 expert articles in various print media with a maximum issue
  • of 135,000 copies and professional articles on specialized portals
  • Implementation of "Open Doors Day" events - more than 1900 participating students - Green Week (Sustainable Energy Week)
  • Involvement of 38 secondary schools throughout Slovakia
  • Establishment of EKOKLASTER - Association of the organization and companies operating in the field of renewable energy sources - 18 members
  • Organization of educational summer events for pupils and students in nature - more than 680 participants
  • Presentation of project activities and LIFE program at 10 different international conferences across Europe
  • Issue and distribution of more than 10 types of information and professional materials (leaflets, professional articles, book publications, ...)