Results achieved as compared to what was planned in the project proposal

BIOMASA dedicated this project to increase the efficient use of renewable energy sources highlighting the environmental protection in the Slovak Republic. The project activities were aimed at bringing about notable changes in perceptions of both the general and professional public on the sustainable use of natural resources regarding the climate change issues, contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation, thereby meeting the present targets of European Union environmental policy.

Scheduled project results

1) Raising public awareness on the use of biomass and solar energy by 30% and raising the awareness of representatives of local authorities and the private sector on the use of biomass and solar energy by 30%

2) Reduction of CO2 emissions by 20,000 tons during project implementation

3) 300 objects that will change the fuel base from fossil fuels to biomass and / or use of solar energy

4) Establishment of EKOKLASTER with min. 15 members at the end of the project

5) Raising the awareness of school students on use of RES by min. 50 %


Achieved project results

1) Based on public opinion polling by an accredited company, measuring the public's view regarding the use of biomass and solar energy: the general public awareness increased by 34% and the representatives of local governments and the private sector awareness increased by 32%.

2) The reduction of the CO2 emissions was monitored continuously during the project implementation based on the change of the fuel base for heating – switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources namely wood pellets, chips or wood - biomass.

Solar panel installations also contributed to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The data were provided by our partners and members joining the EKOKLASTER.

During 4 years, greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 32,984 tons due to project activities.

3) New installations were the result of people conviction about the efficiency of using renewable energy sources. On the basis of the questionnaires and information on installing solar panels from our partners, 6,546 objects changed the fuel base from fossil fuels to biomass and / or the use of solar energy.

4) EKOKLASTER was founded in 2015 involving 17 members since its inception. As of the end of the project 31/08/2017, we record 18 members of the EKOKLASTER.

5) A survey on the use of renewable energy sources was carried out in the form of questionnaires at the beginning and at the end of the project, as well as during the information and educational events. Overall, the awareness of students was raised by 57 % due to project activities.