Awareness survey – Students of secondary schools

In December 2013, secondary schools involved in the project were surveyed to determine students' awareness about renewable energy sources, using an online questionnaire. The survey followed the overall awareness of students from 38 secondary schools on the use of biomass and solar energy.


Results of the public-opinion survey - Local government representatives and the private sector

The second target group addressed by survey was represented by representatives of the state administration - representatives of municipalities or cities – Mayors or Deputy Mayors of municipalities and cities. The sample was selected uniformly with respect to regional structures.

The third target group addressed by this survey was representatives of the private sector in the Slovak Republic. The survey addressed directors, managers or their deputies. Private sector representatives were selected equally, at least 18 persons from each region.


Results of the public-opinion survey – general public

A public-opinion survey was used for the monitoring of the awareness about renewable energy sources use in Slovakia at the beginning of the project and at the end of the project.


Final Report

The main objective of the project Strategic manage and planning of domestic energy – SMAPUDE_LIFE was to raise awareness on the use of biomass and solar energy among various target groups within Slovakia. Successful promotion of local renewable energy sources was a challenge towards a smart, efficient and sustainable heating in buildings contributing to CO2 emissions reduction.