Opinion poll

At the beginning of the project it was implemented opinion poll through MediaResearch Slovakia. The poll was focused on three categories of society - the general public, state administration and private sector. The second poll of awareness of the use of renewable energy sources, particularly biomass and solar energy are implemented at secondary schools from all over Slovakia which are involved in the project. The Interest in participating in the project expressed 38 high schools with different focus.

The results of this poll are noteworthy, which show that notions wood pellets or solar panels are no longer unknown the public, but detailed information according to respondents they miss. The poll brought interesting results and BIOMASA, is facing a challenge to increase the numbers according to established plans.

One of the main target groups are secondary school students. BIOMASA in the project planned cooperation with 16 secondary schools from all over Slovakia. At the beginning of the project have been addressed all secondary schools in Slovakia, which is more than 600. Of these, 38 schools expressed interest to participate in the project activities and BIOMASA concluded with every registered schools agreement on cooperation in the project.

At the beginning of the project it has also implemented a poll among students, at what level the knowledge on the use bioamsy and solar energy they are. From the results of the questionnaires it is clear that students have weak information about the use of RES. Of the 14 questions, more than 50% of students knew the correct answer only for 3 questions.

Evaluation of questionnaires was sent to schools as feedback. A similar questionnaire will be implemented at the end of the project and will serve as an indicator of raising awareness of students about renewable energy sources.