Progress Report - 01.03.2015 - 31.08.2016

For the preparation of the interim report – Mid-Term Report project results that were already measurable at this stage were partially evaluated. Precise and detailed evaluation of the results and outcomes of the project will be done after completion of the project. Mentioned achieved results are the direct impact of the project activities. The foreseen final results are still feasible as the project continues until 31.08.2017.

Planned project outcomes Achieved outcomes


Increase awareness of use of biomass and solar energy by 30% --- Given the fact that public polling is scheduled at the end of the project, this figure is very difficult to assess at this stage of the project.
Change of fuel base from fossil to biomass and/or solar in 300 buildings 2922 Value corresponds with objects with biomass heating and new solar installations up to date of the duration of the project.
Reduction of CO2 emissions by 20,000 tons during project realization 13 125t

The indicator reflects difficult situation for support of use of RES in Slovakia. However, there is still interest in this form of heating, although it is highly dependent on support programs further financing costs of the technology. It is believed, however, that the planned reduction of carbon dioxide gas emissions will be fulfilled by August 31, 2017.

Increasing of awareness of representatives of local governments and the privat sector about the use of biomass and solar energy by 30% ---

Given the fact that public polling is scheduled at the end of the project, this figure cannot be assessed at this stage of the project.

Formation an EKOKLASTER with at least 15 members by the end of the project 17

17 organizations have completed and confirmed their interest in establishing EKOKLASTER in Slovakia. It is a higher number than expected and this interest pleases us. This result also declared that the expert public has an interest to engage in cooperation, and thus create stronger competition environment in the market. During negotiations and work meetings members of the project team constantly reach out and talk to potential members to get involved in EKOKLASTER.

Increasing of awareness of high schol students by at least 50%


The precise quantification of this objective will only be possible after completion of the project when an extensive investigation on awareness of students on the use of renewable energy sources will be carried out.

Over the past year, indirect influence on the project results is through program "Green for the households" prepared by the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency under the Ministry of Environment within the program Quality of the Environment. The program focuses on technologies using RES, and households have the option of requesting a financial contribution for example for the boiler for biomass heating, solar and photovoltaic panels, heat pumps and other equipment for heating and heating of water in homes. There is an extremely high demand for the program as the demand for this subsidy far exceeds the supply.

Company THERMO|SOLAR Ziar increased production of solar panels several time since the launch of this program and perceives positively involvement in the SMAPUDE_LIFE project with activities to raise awareness.