Final Report

The main objective of the project Strategic manage and planning of domestic energy – SMAPUDE_LIFE was to raise awareness on the use of biomass and solar energy among various target groups within Slovakia. Successful promotion of local renewable energy sources was a challenge towards a smart, efficient and sustainable heating in buildings contributing to CO2 emissions reduction.

BIOMASA dedicated this project to increase the efficient use of renewable energy sources highlighting the environmental protection in the Slovak Republic. The project activities were aimed at bringing about notable changes in perceptions of both the general and professional public on the sustainable use of natural resources regarding the climate change issues, contributing to climate change mitigation and adaptation, thereby meeting the present targets of European Union environmental policy. The information campaign was aimed at the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through the new installations using renewable energy sources for heating systems and hot water production. The aim was to increase the use of biomass and solar energy in Slovakia by at least 5% per year. During the project implementation BIOMASA initiated the foundation of EKOKLASTER involving the key stakeholders in the field of RES use in Slovakia. A total of 18 members have joined the cluster since then.

During the project BIOMASA concerned with the development of cooperation with 38 secondary schools, but also preschools and elementary schools were successfully involved. Very important was the cooperation with Slovak technical universities, strongly focused on effective and sustainable uses of RES, processing of solid biomass, development of technologies for RES use and processing, regarding the environment protection above all.

A variety of different information materials was distributed on a regular basis to both interested end-users as well as key players in the project. BIOMASA promoted the project objectives at the most important trade fairs in Slovakia and in Europe. The project activities were successfully promoted during the foreign business trips and business meetings with number of partners from Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Portugal, Norway and other countries. Mutually beneficial business meetings brought either a lot of opportunities for experience change or possibilities for future cooperation within the project and beyond.

Climate change mitigation was one of the project's objectives to contribute to the reduction of the global greenhouse effect. During the project implementation, the CO2 savings reached 32,984 t, considerably exceeding the goal of 20,000 t. Thanks to the continuing use of RES and to the continuing dissemination campaign, the reduction of CO2 is a sustainable process.