Results of the public-opinion survey – general public

A public-opinion survey was used for the monitoring of the awareness about renewable energy sources use in Slovakia at the beginning of the project and at the end of the project.

Questions relating to the general knowledge about use of RES, about different kinds of RES, consumers' needs and organizations the area concerned. The survey was also aimed at drawing up the best long-term campaign not only for raising awareness, but also for increasing the use of renewable sources of energy, especially biomass and solar energy.

Questions and goals for the survey were selected by an accredited organization selected for their ability to fulfil the established purpose of the survey.

The public opinion survey addressed three main target groups - the general public, local government representatives and the private sector. The results of this survey are remarkable, showing that the general awareness on the RES issue in Slovakia has been already improved and the concept of wood pellets or solar panels are no longer unknown to the public.

The final public opinion survey was conducted between May and June 2017 and the same questions were addresses to the respondents as at the beginning of the project. The responses relating to the general knowledge about the use of RES have been very similar or slightly higher than in 2014. The responses relating to the use of biomass and solar energy indicated a significant difference between initial and final survey responses - 32% increase for private sector and 34% increase for the general public.

A public opinion survey has found that general knowledge and awareness about use of renewable energy has increased in Slovakia. In 2014, 29% of respondents answered correctly the questions about specific kind of RES. In 2017, the survey assessed that a total of 63% of respondents answered correctly the questions about specific kind of RES.

The major conclusion of this survey is that the awareness about use of RES has increased among the general public. The open questions have significantly showed, that compared to 2014 survey, different kind of renewable energy sources have been properly defined and awareness has increased by 34%.