Awareness survey – Students of secondary schools

In December 2013, secondary schools involved in the project were surveyed to determine students' awareness about renewable energy sources, using an online questionnaire. The survey followed the overall awareness of students from 38 secondary schools on the use of biomass and solar energy.

The students were asked to fill out 20 questions to identify the baseline situation of awareness about renewable energy sources. The responds showed that there was relatively low awareness about the issue concerned in 2013. More than 50% of the correct responds were recorded only in 3 questions of 19 possible for evaluation.

The survey among students indicated their average knowledge. Based on the questionnaires responds, purposely the specific activities and issues for students were prepared, to provide them with detailed expert information mostly showing the practical examples of RES use and efficiency. The survey addressed 2,732 students from 38 secondary schools.

In May 2017 BIOMASA sent a request to the coordinators to participate in the final student awareness survey. The final survey included the questionnaire that remained unchanged that one in the beginning of the project. This survey addressed a total of 2,706 students. Intensive work with students provided valuable feedback on results. More than 50% of the correct responds to 14 questions of 19 possible for evaluation.