Sadly, but it goes further

The European Commission has published an overview of the best projects aimed at protecting the environment that you can download.


Project Green households have green

Households may, from 1 December 2015 to ask for contributions to the installation of equipment for renewable energy from European and national sources.


Feast ecumenical meeting by eyes Ivana Köhler

Known photographer Ivan Köhler, who in Rajec many years had an effect and he is famous for photographing folk customs and monuments visited the Feast ecumenical meeting. Photo galery.

Ivan Köhler received in 2014, among other awards and recognition for contributions to the development and representation of the city of Žilina


BIOMASA sold and delivered quality - certified pellets

ENplus SK007BIOMASA, Association of legal entities is a reseller of pellets of BIOPEL, and. s., which was granted the certificate quality ENplus A1 on May 22, 2015. BIOPEL thus ranks among the seven producers of certified pellets in Slovakia.