Brought to life the book: The Origin of crafts in Rajec

 IMG 6695On 31.3.2016 it was in office Ekoklastra of BIOMASA Rajci nice meeting.

Ladislav Zidek and co-workers presented to the main people who collaborated in the preparation of the book, or are close to the issue (and have accepted our invitation). Among the guests did not lack Ms Vierka Broznerová (Máhrerová) living permanently in Israel and enterprising in Prague, whose parents are also mentioned in the book. We want to share with you some pictures of the meeting.


Biomass has launched a new program to support the use of pellets

Day 5 January 2016 BIOMASA launched a new program to support the use of pellets.

Any newly installed boiler or pellet fireplace can get free 150 kg pellets and free delivery. The conditions are very simple and BIOMASA wants to attract people interested in renewable energy, in this case pellets. The program pays for most of Slovakia with the exception of Kosice and Presov regions and for part of Moravia.

This support use of pellets is carried out within the project SMAPUDE_LIFE.

More info: Support Programme and Questionnaire.


Best Projects LIFE Nature and LIFE Environment 2014

The publication The Best LIFE Nature projects 2014 LIFE program, EU funds for environmental measures and climate change, highlights the achievements and values of the acquired money to finance major projects Nature, Biodiversity and Information and Communication projects with a nature focus, which were completed before the end last year.


Course of cut fruit trees in Rajec

A group of 35 people from different parts of Slovakia on Saturday, Januay 16, 2016 met in order to learn about the principles of cutting fruit trees, but also fruit growing in harmony with nature. For more information and photos of the course can be found HERE.